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Our core values drive the mission and help us to achieve the vision. Scholars and staff members alike commit to exemplifying these values. The core values are used as the basis for our behavioral systems, are explicitly taught to our students, and drive everything we do at Bentley School.







We show extreme enthusiasm toward learning and meeting our goals! We have fun while working hard.


We believe that challenges are a means to improvement. We are learners, first and foremost, and that we can improve by working hard. We show perseverance in everything we do.


We believe that working together is essential to reaching our goals. We share ideas respectfully and listen to the perspectives of others. We respect all members of our community and appreciate the unique contributions of each member.


The personal choice to do the right thing even when it may not be the easiest choice. Having integrity is always telling the truth and taking responsibility for our actions even when we make mistakes.


We are focused on achieving our best. We take responsibility for our learning by keeping ourselves focused and engaged. We do the right thing the first time.

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